Announcements & Notices

UPDATED 3.30.2018
Please note all official documents, postings and flyers are printed on letterhead.

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Towels used at pool must be removed from pool area when resident leaves pool. There shall be no towels left hanging on fence or furniture to dry.
All towels left subject to removal.

Any type furniture is NOT to be thrown into the dumpsters.  Any persons caught doing this may be fined. 
It is the responsibility of the owner to dispose of it.
Anyone who witnesses someone doing this please notify the Superintendent at 860.633.0617

PER THE FIRE MARSHAL - ALL DOORMATS, SHOES, BOOTS, TRASH, CARRIAGES, FURNITURE, ETC MUST BE KEPT INSIDE OF UNITS. No doormats, shoes, boots, trash, carriages furniture, etc are allowed in the hallways per order of the Board of Directors and Glastonbury Fire Marshall.

Soap Factory is not part of Stop & Shop.  If you bring a Stop and Shop cart to the Soap Factory please return it to Stop and Shop.  Removing this cart from any store is considered theft.  If anyone is found not returning a card, the store will be notified of their name and address and may be subject to prosecution for theft.

Residents who are schduling cable installation (AT&T, Frontier, Cox Cable, etc.) should be aware that these companies will likely need acccess to storage closets to reach wiring.  For this reason, please be sure to schedule installation during regular maintenance staff hours (Monday-Friday 8:00am - 12:00pm).  If you have an apointment during these hours please let me know 860-633-0617.  Failure to do so will result in an after-hours response charge, which will be billed to your common fee account.