Our Community

The Soap Factory is a 116 unit, premier condominium community located in the historic J.B. Williams Soap Factory Building right in the heart of charming Glastonbury. The town green and center is a short walk away, and offers gourmet restaurants, grocery stores, bakeries, dry cleaners, and a post office to name a few.
Soap Factory Condominium amenities includes an outdoor pool with lounge chairs, clubhouse, sauna, courtyard area with multiple charcoal grills, tables and umbrellas, four washers and four dryers on three of the four floors, a waterfall, a brook flowing thru the courtyard, a community gardening area and ample parking. The one and two bedroom condos are situated on lovely lush landscaped grounds in three multi-unit buildings.
Glastonbury, Connecticut is a residential suburb located east of the Connecticut River in central Connecticut. Just a 10 minute drive from the state capital in Hartford, Glastonbury boasts a thriving economy, excellent school system, historical home sites, parks, nature preserves, a scenic landscape of meadowlands and hills, and a rich history spanning more than 300 years. Glastonbury offers the ideal mix of an old New England farm-town and an active suburban environment.
Early in the 17th century, settlers arrived on the east bank of the Connecticut River and established homesteads on a tract of land belonging to Wethersfield. In 1693, the town of Glastonbury was incorporated as a separate community. During the American Revolution, Glastonbury was home to George Stocking's gunpowder factory, and over the course of the 18th century the town became a center for shipbuilding, with oak forests, waterpower from the Connecticut River and newly established factories all providing for Glastonbury's staple industry.
By the middle of the 19th century, shipbuilding was on the wane and other industries began to arise. In 1842, two brothers established the J.B. Williams Soap Factory, now believed to be the world's first commercial soap manufacturing business. Glastonbury's factories supplied leather and woolen goods to the armies of the United States and several European nations during the two World Wars.
Today, Glastonbury serves as a bedroom community for nearby Hartford, where most major industries are now located. Two major retail shopping areas are just a short drive from Glastonbury, and the town is easily accessible from several major highways. With a rich, lovingly preserved heritage and a bright future ahead, Glastonbury offers the best of New England past and present.